Rusty's MJ Comanche 3" Add-A-Leaf Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-300AL-MJ-RX1-STD-UB2

The Rusty's 3-inch MJ Suspension Kit is one of the most successful items we have ever developed. Our soft spring rates along with our shocks valved specifically for each application have put this kit above the rest. All of the Rusty's 3-inch kits will clear 31 inch tires.

Rusty's RK-300AL-MJ kit comes complete with front coils. Rusty's offers two front coil spring rates, either 150 lbs or 180lbs. The 180lbs springs provide the same amount of lift but will be able to handle the extra weight from a big bumper, winch, or a snowplow. The Rusty's full-length add-a-leafs give you the lift desired without the harsh ride typically found with short add a leafs. They also prevent the spring wrap caused by lift blocks. Grade eight U-bolts fasten the springs to the axle. A rear brake line extension bracket is also included. The Rusty's Performance Shocks round out the components included with this kit, which will ride great and keep the tires on the ground!

86-92 Comanche Pickup 4wd-2wd 3" Suspension Kit

• Front 3" Coil Springs
• Rear 3" Full-Length Add-a-Leaf
• Your Choice of Rusty's Performance Shocks
• Rear brake line extension kit
• Grade 8 U-Bolts

NOTE: While the majority of the Comanches that use our 3" kit never have a problem, we will occasionally run across one that develops a slight driveline vibration once the kit is installed. This is easily solved by adding our RC-TCD1-XJ transfer case drop kit. This kit is sold separately.

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