Rusty's Model 30 Axle Gusset Kit - XJ, TJ, & ZJ


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The Dana 30 axle under XJs, TJs, and ZJs is considered a lightweight axle, but it is surprisingly strong and can handle a tire and wheel package that is significantly larger than stock as long as the driver goes easy on the skinny pedal. However, larger tires, lower gears, and hardcore trails can stress the axle housing to its limit.

To help keep your Dana 30 up to the task, Rusty's offers the Axle Gusset Kit. This is a 3 piece bracket kit that will reinforce the axle and add strength. Laser-cut from 1/4" thick steel, these gussets are precision formed to follow the contour of the axle and weld into place. The kit includes a brace that reinforces the axle tube, which tends to bend at the differential housing. It also includes lower brackets that reinforce the inner C's, which are known for bending with larger tires and wheels. Considering the price of a replacement axle housing, Rusty's Axle Truss is a small price to pay for a big strength boost!

This Gusset Kit fits non-disconnect Dana 30s only.

• Constructed of 1/4" thick steel
• Reinforces the axle housing and the inner C's
• Highly recommended for vehicles with larger tires / lower gears
• Weld-on installation
• Made in the USA

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