Rusty's Motor Mounts - 1" Raised Polyurethane (TJ-YJ)


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RP-MMP2-UV

When you demand ultimate strength and performance, Rusty's polyurethane competition-style motor mounts are the way to go! They raise the engine 1”, which can help driveline angles and more clearance on lifted applications. They are constructed of 3/16" laser-cut steel, CNC-formed, and then welded in a jig for a precision fit. We then added a tri-fold design to the mount to give it even more strength. The polyurethane bushings in the mounts offer less deflection under load and are well-suited to harsh environments where low gears, big tires, and big horsepower are the norm. However, these mounts can transmit more engine vibration to the rest of the chassis. If this is a concern, we recommend our RP-MMR2-UV motor mounts, which feature rubber bushings rather than poly and are more suitable for daily drivers. Best of all, the poly bushing is easily replaceable, so if the bushing ever goes bad it can be replaced without replacing the complete mount. Rusty's motor mounts are black powder coated for lasting good looks.

Priced per pair.

• Constructed of 3/16" thick steel
• Raises the engine 1”
• Poly isolator offers less deflection under load and is suited for extreme applications
• Perfect for competition and off-road-only vehicles
• Made in the USA
• Trail Tested Tough

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