Rusty's Rear Coil Spring Frame Relocation Brackets


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RC-C9706-TJ

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Rusty's Rear Coil Spring Relocation Bracket fixes the rear spring angle on 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJs and Unlimiteds.

The factory TJ rear springs are mounted in a "leaning forward" position, which causes the coils to bow excessively rearward once the Jeep is lifted, especially when the suspension compresses. The problem is evident at 3" of lift height, and becomes more of an issue as lift height increases. This incorrect coil loading results in lost ride height and a diminished "too soft" spring rate, not to mention coil fatigue and premature sagging.

Rusty's Coil Correction Kit includes a pair of weld-on frame brackets and replacement upper coil seats for the driver and passenger side of a TJ. The frame brackets have adjustment holes that permit the coils and bump stops to be in the optimal upright position, even with wheelbase increases of up to 2". The relocation kit is compatible with any lift brand with 3" or more of lift height. Please note that welding is required for installation.


  • Corrects the improper rear coil spring angle on lifted TJs
  • Includes driver and passenger relocation brackets and upper coil mounts
  • Restores proper coil spring rates and reduces coil fatigue
  • Compatible with any lift brand over 3"
  • Fully adjustable to accomodate wheelbase stretches
  • Installation requires cutting and welding
  • Made in the USA

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