Rusty's RX500 Performance Coilover Shock Absorber - R-512


Rusty’s is well known for bringing affordable race technology to Jeep enthusiasts! Rusty’s new RX500 line of Coilover Shock Absorbers deliver race technology in an affordable package. If you've been wanting to upgrade to coilover shocks but the price of other coilovers on the market has held you back, Rusty's RX500 coilovers are the solution! Among other things, coilover shocks offer adjustable ride height and very fine control of spring rate by mixing and matching two-stage coils to dial in the flex and ride quality you want.

Rusty’s RX500 Shock Absorbers feature a 14mm chrome-hardened piston shaft for superior rigidity and minimal seal wear. The shock body itself is constructed of 2” diameter seamless DOM tubing for excellent heat-transfer and and has a threaded aluminum sleeve over it for capturing and adjusting the coils. The billet end caps feature replaceable spherical rod ends for strength and durability. Inside, the massive 1-3/4" diameter piston has progressive valving that is tuned to provide a smooth ride on the road but has the ability to quickly step up the dampening and effectively smooth out the bumps when the going gets rough off the pavement.

The 10” aluminum anodized remote reservoir substantially increases the oil capacity of the shock, which helps prevent shock fade during those extended high-speed romps on desert roads. A high-pressure nitrogen charge helps further resist shock fade. The remote reservoir is attached to the main shock body via a braided stainless steel hose and is secured using polyurethane isolators and stainless steel clamps.

Race technology typically has a big price tag, but Rusty’s RX500 shock absorbers are also exceptional value when compared to other coilover shocks on the market. Unlike some other brands, however, the RX500 shocks are Made in the USA and Trail Tested Tough!

Please note that coil springs are sold separately.

17.91" 29.57"

• Made in the USA
• Billet End Caps • Replaceable Spherical rod ends at shock attachment points
• Aluminum threaded spring adjusters and spring sliders are included
• 2 inch DOM Seamless Tubing Construction
• 10 inch Reservoir w/ SS hose
• 14mm shaft
• 1 ¾ Aluminum Piston

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