Rusty's Shackles - .75" MJ Boomerang Shackles


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RC-SHB200-MJ

Rusty's Boomerang Shackles provide additional clearance for the spring hanger pocket when using long-travel leaf springs, or with certain aftermarket rear bumpers without interfering with suspension travel or articulation.

Developed while building our own JeepSpeed racer, we noticed that the extra travel provided with our JeepSpeed rear springs could cause conventional shackles to potentially interfere with the spring mount pockets. Not only would this limit travel, it could also lead to shackle hanger and leaf spring damage. These shackles are built with an offset that clears the shackle hanger and is suitable for use with any long-travel leaf spring. Built with racing in mind, these shackles are incredibly beefy, with 3/8" side plates and a large 1/4" gusset. Bushings are included for the frame end of the shackle, and these are also greasable via a convenient zerk fitting built into the bushing eye. In addition to being bulletproof, they supply an additional 1.5" of lift and improve pinion angle at the same time!


  • Constructed of 3/8" side plates with a 1/4" thick gusset
  • Fully welded for strength
  • Greasable bushings are included
  • Perfect for long-travel leaf springs
  • Provided .75" of lift
  • Sold in pairs

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