Rusty's Skids - Fuel Tank - TJ


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RA-JS99-TJ

The fuel tanks on the TJ are made out of plastic. Sure, they are protected by the factory skid plate, but the factory never anticipated the kinds of extreme trails we regularly tackle, and it doesn't take long to find out that the factory piece just isn't up to the abuse. Aside from the potential environmental damage, do we really need to get into what kinds of problems a pierced fuel tank can cause? Even if the factory plate manages to prevent a hole, they usually cave in towards the middle, which causes inaccurate fuel gauge level readings and damages the factory pickup / sending unit. This leads to costly repairs and can potentially leave you stranded!

You will never have to worry about having a fuel tank fail with Rusty's Fuel Tank skid plate. The sides and bottom of the plate encase the factory fuel tank with 3/16" thick steel that is laser-cut and CNC-formed for a precise fit. We have designed this piece to be the strongest fuel tank skid plate on the market while being sure it remains easy to install. It comes standard with a durable black powder coated finish.

Rusty's Fuel Tank Skid Plate takes approximately 1 hour to install and includes all of the necessary hardware along with complete installation instructions. Note that drilling is required for 97 to 98 TJs but isn't necessary on 99-up models. It is also available in bare steel; please call for details. No trail is too tough for Rusty's Fuel Tank Skid Plate!

Will NOT fit Unlimited LJs.

• Constructed of 3/16" steel
• Easy Installation
• Strongest Fuel Tank Skid Plate on the market
• Includes all necessary hardware and installation instructions
• Made in the USA

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