Rusty's Adjustable Front Track Bar (JL,JT)


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RC-TB480-JLJT

The Track Bar locates the axle side-to-side in relation to the vehicle's frame. A suspension lift changes the operating angle of the track bar and makes the effective length of the track bar shorter, which shifts the axle off-center. This is very noticeable with lifts over 2 inches. If your vehicle is already lifted, view it from the front and see if the axles are centered underneath the body; more than likely the front axle is shifted over to the driver side, while the rear axle is shifted toward the passenger side.

Most manufacturers include some sort of bracket to lower the track bar mounting point on the frame or raise the track bar's mounting point on the axle. The problem with this method is that the vehicle may get too much or not enough track bar correction using these types of brackets. The additional stress created by the extra leverage of the relocation brackets can also lead to cracks and ultimately failure of the track bar mounts. These brackets also seem to never stay tight and can force the track bar's operating angle to be out of phase with the steering linkage, which creates all kinds of handling quirks.

Rusty's Adjustable Track Bar eliminates these problems. The track bar mounts to the original locations and has enough adjustment to accommodate a 2" to 5" lift. Rusty's Track Bars are constructed of 1.50" x .250" wall DOM tubing. They are black powder coated and come with long-lasting heavy-duty polyurethane bushings at both ends. As the tires get larger, the rubber track bar bushings allow movement to happen and can lead to ill-handling and could cause the evil death wobble. You can count on years of reliable and trouble-free service with your Rusty's track bar.


Replacement Components:

Fixed End Replacement Bushing (Frame Side): R2274-14

Adjustable End Replacement Loop End (Axle Side): XM400L

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