Rusty's Adjustable Front HD Track Bar Package (XJ) - 4-5" Lift Height


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RC-TBP1-XJ-199

This package includes our RC-TB200-UV Heavy Duty Track Bar and Frame mount as well as our Frame Stiffener, which mounts from the passenger side unibody to the track bar frame mount. This kit is for XJ Cherokees with 4" of lift or more only.

Due to the popularity of long travel suspension kits over 5 inches, track bars that use tie-rod style ends wear quicker and limit travel. With the Rusty's TB200 track bar system, you will get full suspension travel without binding the track bar. The Rusty's TB200 is a complete adjustable track bar and frame mount system; the key is that the Rusty's track bar eliminates the tie rod end and has poly bushings at both the axle and the frame end. To accommodate the change, the new track bar frame mount is laser cut from 1/4" thick steel and precision CNC-formed. The track bar is constructed from 1.25" heavy-wall DOM tubing, while both the track bar and the frame mount have a durable black powdercoat finish.

The Rusty’s Frame Strengthener for XJs and ZJs ties the unibody frame rails together and helps support and brace the track bar mount.

Rusty's kits provide great suspension flex, and the increased suspension performance combined with larger tires enables us to test our vehicles on more extreme terrain than ever before. However, all of this increases stress to critical suspension mounting points. The Rusty’s Frame Strengthener spreads the load and stress subjected to the track bar mount across a much larger area of the unibody. Remember, preventing damage is much cheaper than repairing damage!


Fitment Information:

This product is designed for XJ Cherokee/MJ Comanche models with 4"-5" of suspension lift.

For applications with 2.5"-5" of suspension lift, we suggest using Part# RC-TB122-UV

For applications with (stock height) 0"-2.5" of suspension lift, we suggest using Part# RC-TB111-UV.


Replacement Components:

Fixed End Replacement Bushing (Axle Side): R2327-10

Adjustable End Replacement Bushing (Frame Side): R20769-12


Adjustable End Replacement Bushing (Frame Side): R2274-12

Adjustable End Replacement Loop End (Frame Side): SI-200

Please make sure to confirm bushing part numbers of existing bushings before ordering replacement bushings/loopends. 

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