Rusty's WJ Grand Cherokee 2.5" Basic Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-250B-WJ-RX1

Rusty's 2.5" Basic Kit is the perfect solution for 99-04 Grand Cherokees with sagged out factory springs or for those vehicle owners looking to take the WJ's performance to the next level!

The 2.5" Basic kit includes replacement front and rear coil springs that were designed using computer modeling and then subjected to extensive real-world testing. Rusty's found that the factory coil spring rates were a little too soft and caused the suspension to wallow and bottom-out prematurely when encountering bumps and dips. As a result, the Rusty's coils have spring rates that are 12 lbs heavier than stock. This eliminates the negative factory ride characteristics while providing additional support when the vehicle is fully loaded with people and gear. Rusty's Performance Shocks further improve the ride and handling of these popular vehicles.

We have found that 255-70/R16 tires work great with this lift kit! Perform the simple installation, have the vehicle aligned, and you're back on the road with much more off-road capability!

• Front Coil Springs
• Rear Coil Springs
• Your Choice of Rusty's Performance Shocks

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