Rusty's WJ Grand Cherokee 6.5" Long Travel Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RK-605LT-WJ-RX1-D35

The WJ Grand Cherokee is becoming very popular these days and is an extremely capable trail vehicle that is also very comfortable. Rusty’s has designed and engineered a long travel suspension kit that bolts on, yet still offers the durability, flex, and articulation of a custom built suspension. People often ask, “Why is a Long Travel Better?” With longer arms locating the front and rear axles, the operating angle of the arms is greatly reduced, and the axles exhibit less "roll" as the suspension moves through its travel cycle. The control arms are more or less parallel with the ground at ride height, which greatly improves the ride and handling of a lifted vehicle while on road and provides the superior articulation needed to be a hero off the pavement!

Rusty's kit bolts on to the unibody with minor drilling. No welding is required or recommended. The front uses radius-style arms and are completely adjustable, both the long lower arm as well as the upper link. The arms utilize a combination of Rusty's Forged Flex Joints at the adjustable end and Clevite factory rubber control arm bushings at the axle end. This combination provides excellent strength and flexibility and ensures no noise or vibrations are transmitted to the unibody. Rusty's arms are constructed of heavy-gauge 2" diameter D.O.M. tubing, so go ahead and bash them against rocks and ledges because they can take the abuse and keep right on going!

The front radius-style arms bolt to a completely new crossmember constructed of 1/4" thick steel that has been laser-cut and CNC-formed for a precise fit. The crossmember also features an extended mounting area and is further beefed up by Rusty’s new frame reinforcement. The 1/4" thick reinforcement brackets are located on the outside of the unibody and brackets basically sandwich the unibody's rails, tying the unibody and the new cross member together. This design distributes the suspension loads over a much larger area of the unibody and helps ensure the unibody will not sustain any structural damage no matter how extreme your four-wheeling gets!

The rear lower control arms are also built with heavy-gauge 2" diameter D.O.M. tubing and feature Rusty's Forged Flex Joints for maximum articulation and strength, as well as Clevite factory rubber bushings at the opposite end to ensure no vibrations are transmitted to the unibody. The Rusty's rear mounting hanger is constructed of 1/4" thick laser-cut steel and feature our keyed and tabbed bracket technology for a precision fit.

The Rusty’s rear upper link is the absolute best you are going to find in a WJ kit! Constructed of 1.50" x .375-wall DOM tubing, the upper link attaches to the body with two 7/8" heim joints, while a Rusty’s Forged Flex Joint connects to the supplied bolt-on 3/8" thick steel axle mount. Many hours were spent in the development and design of this 3-link assembly to offer strength, durability, and adjustability for great articulation while maintaining precision driveline angles.

Please note that no exhaust modifications are necessary with this kit! Like the rest of Rusty's suspension kits, the WJ Grand Cherokee kit comes complete with Grade 5 & Grade 8 hardware along with installation instructions written with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. To finish it all off, everything comes in a high gloss black powder coating for protection and a great look.

Countless hours have been spent in developing, testing, and refining this kit with the help of CAD and the latest 3-D modeling. We are proud to say that it is all done right here at Rusty’s.

Key Features:
• Made in the USA
• Completely Bolt On
• Proven Design
• Great Articulation
• Great Road Handling
• Adjustable Control Arms
• Adjustable Track Bar
• Highest Quality components used
• Innovative design thoroughly tested in the real world

System Includes:
• 6.5" Front Coil Springs
• 6.5" Rear Coil Springs
• Adjustable Front Track Bar
• Dropped Pitman Arm
• Front and Rear Shock Absorbers (Upgrades Available)
• Extended Sway Bar Links
• Front Adjustable Radius-Style Arms
• Rear Adjustable Lower Control Arms
• Rear Adjustable Upper 3-Link Assembly
• Long Travel Crossmember with Frame Plates
• Front Brake Line Extension brackets
• Rusty's Quick-Disconnects

IMPORTANT NOTE: The WJ Grand Cherokee comes with several different styles of driveshafts. Some come with a standard CV (constant velocity) joint at the transfer case and a U-joint at the axle; this is good and if this is what your Jeep has because you don’t have to change anything. Others come with a CV at the transfer case and a Rezeppa type joint at the axle. If the front driveshaft is this style and you are lifting it, you will need to purchase our WJ Driveshaft Conversion part # RD-DS01-UV. There are also some WJ’s with a Rezeppa at both ends of the driveshaft; if your vehicle has this style you will need to buy the Rusty’s Driveshaft Conversion as well as the optional transfer case yoke. All of these driveshaft conversions and parts can be found on Rusty’s Driveline Page.

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