Rusty's XJ Cherokee 4.5" Add-A-Leaf Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-405AL-XJ-RX1-FIX-UB2

The Rusty's 4.5 inch suspension kit comes with everything needed to easily run 32 inch tires. It also gives you the clearance to maneuver through all types of terrain with no tire clearance problems. The addition of Rusty's Cut Out Flares will easily let you clear a set of 33 inch tires! Rusty's has put together a complete package using soft spring rates and shocks valved specifically for each application that will give you superior on-road handling as well as world-class off road capabilities.

Rusty's kit includes 150 lbs coil springs, our 3.5 full length add a leaf & 1.5 greasable shackles, grade 8 U-bolts, and rear spring degree shims. This kit comes standard with a set of Rusty's beefy lower control arms and a transfer case drop kit to correct driveline angles. A Rusty's adjustable track bar is also included (no wimpy brackets that cause problems here!) along with a pair of sway bar brackets that lower the front sway bar. Rusty's Hydro shocks round out the package.

To make the most of your suspension's performance, Rusty's also has several optional upgrades available. These include a set of adjustable control arms to correct the wheelbase and caster once the vehicle is lifted, as well as Rusty's sway bar quick-disconnects. Whether you choose the standard kit or one with all the bells and whistles, Rusty's products will help you make the most out of your XJ!

• Front 4.5" coil springs
• Rear 3" full length add-a-leafs
• 1.5" rear extended greasable shackles
• Fixed front lower control arms
• Front hydro performance shocks
• Rear hydro performance shocks
• Adjustable trac bar
• Front Sway Bar Drop Kit
• Transfer case drop kit
• Brake line extension kit
• Grade 8 U-Bolts
• Steel 6 degree shims

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