Rusty's XJ Cherokee 8" Long Travel Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-800LT-XJ-RX1-LT10-UB2

The system starts with your choice of radius-arm, 4 link, 3 link, or competition 4 link  long travel system to customize the kit to match your desired use! (Need help to determine the best setup for your use? Click here to see our XJ Long Travel Control Arm Options Guide) Each choice will include our adjustable forged flex joints on both the lower and upper control arms that are rebuildable on the radius arm, 4 link and 3 link options to provide maximum articulation. The competition 4 link will use an adjustable 1-1/4" heim joints to better serve a competition built vehicle. The arms all utilize Clevite factory rubber control arm bushings at the axle end to ensure that no noise or vibrations are transmitted through the unibody. The arms are constructed of 2" and 1-1/2" diameter D.O.M. tubing, so go ahead and bash them against rocks and ledges because they can take the abuse and keep right on going!

Rusty's used over 40 years of knowledge and the technology of 3-D computer modeling to design a suspension system that would retain a good ride, offer great articulation, and most importantly, would hold up to the most severe off roading imagineable. Many other companies have products that weld on or have an un proven design. Make sure you don't accept anything less; Buy Rusty's.

This system delivers the articulation that keeps your tires on the ground, even over the most radical terrain.

The Rusty's 8" long-travel suspension is a complete package; we didn't cut any corners. Rusty's high quality 8.5 coils springs are used in the front, while complete 6.5 leaf spring packs, grade 8 U-bolts, and heavy duty boomerang extended shackles are used in the rear. NO LIFT BLOCKS! Rusty's heavy-duty track bar, frame mount, and frame brace keeps the body centered and adds significant strength to the unibody. Rusty's 3 inch drop pitman arm is included to keep the steering straight and to keep the tie rod ends from binding during extreme flex. The Rusty's Kevlar stainless steel brake lines offer better brake performance and give the extra length needed for long-travel suspension systems. Rusty's own sway bar disconnects are used for maximum flex off road and can be re-attached in just seconds for great on-road handling. Rusty's Hydro shocks offer great handling on the street and an emphasis on off-road performance. Rusty's mono tube shocks are available.

NOTE: When raising the Cherokee 6 inches or more, Rusty's highly recommends the use of an Advance Adapter's SYE (Slip Yoke Eliminator) to prevent driveline vibrations. This is available for the NP231 & NP242 transfer case. We also offer a Combo Kit that includes a quality CV driveshaft built by Tom Woods Driveline.

Due to the thinness of the Jeep unibody, we've designed our long-arm kits to be completely bolt-on. Although it is possible to weld to the unibody, the longevity of the weld in questionable. The unibody is only 16 guage (.060 in.) and the heat of a weld stresses the thin metal. The weld may not crack, but the unibody around it may. The unibody was welded from the factory, however, it was done with robotically-controlled equipment complete with heat sensors that resulted in welds which are much more exact than even the most skilled human welder. Our bolt-on systems are not only more durable but they are also much easier to install. The Rusty's reinforcement brackets creates a larger surface area that distributes stresses over a larger area than a weld-on installation. In addition, we use adjustable control arms that not only allow easy caster adjustment but also incorporate pivot points designed for suspension flex, which further eliminates stress on the unibody mounts. With Rusty's having over 40 years in business, engineers and design specialist and complete in house manufacturing you can expect the quality and craftsmanship you demand for your Jeep.

CLICK HERE to see this product installed and tested on Trucks!, Xtreme 4x4 or Gearz TV!


  • Made in the USA
  • Completely Bolt On
  • Proven Design
  • Great Articulation
  • Great Road Handling
  • Clears 35 inch Tires

  • Front 8.5"-9" coil springs
  • Rear 6.5" leaf springs
  • Rear extended greasable shackles
  • Front hydro performance shocks
  • Rear hydro performance shocks
  • 3" drop pitman arm
  • HD track bar
  • Rusty's frame brace
  • Rusty's front sway bar disconnects
  • Front & rear stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Grade 8 U-Bolts
  • Steel 6 degree shims

  • HD crossmember
  • Adjustable long arm
  • Adjustable radius arm
  • Frame reinforcement (inner & outer)
  • Hardware Kit
  • Flex Joint Wrench

NOTE: When lifting the XJ Cherokee 6 inches or more, Rusty's highly recommends the use of a Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit to prevent driveline vibrations. This is available for only the NP231 and NP242 transfer cases. We also offer a Combo Kit that includes a quality CV driveshaft built by Tom Woods Driveline.

NOTE: 2000-2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee models require the use of Part# 52001180 Transmission Mount to be installed with this suspension system. 



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