Rusty's XJ Cherokee Front Frame Reinforcement Plates


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RAMFP-13

Welding Required Badge

Rusty's front Frame Reinforcement plates were designed for extreme use, such as building a JeepSpeed racer or hardcore trail rig. These plates are perfect for strengthening the relatively weak unibody frame structure with precision laser-cut steel that both strengthens the unibody and spreads out suspension loads over a greater surface area, which helps prevent unibody damage.

Rusty's unibody frame reinforcement plates are constructed of 1/8" pickled and oiled steel that is then laser-cut for a precision fit. Strategically places slots in the plates allow them to be welded at critical points while maintaining access to important suspension and other frame attachment points. These plates beef up a known weak area of the unibody and help better prepare it for extreme use. When maximum strength is needed, these plates are the answer!

Please note that significant welding is required for installation.

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