Rusty's ZJ Grand Cherokee 3.5" Basic Lift Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-300B-ZJ-RX1

Rusty's has carefully designed and assembled our kits with optimum spring rates and maximum wheel travel in mind. Rusty's 3.5" Basic Kit consists of new front and rear coil springs that were designed using computer modeling and then subjected to extensive real-world testing. As a result, we feel we've developed the perfect springs that combine excellent on-road manners with serious off-road performance. This system also includes a heavy-duty rear track bar bracket to keep the axle properly centered under the vehicle, as well as a front sway bar drop kit that allows the anti-sway bar to work properly with the lift system. Rusty's Hydro performance shocks round out this complete and very capable kit.

To further maximize your Grand Cherokee's suspension, consider adding Rusty's control arms, front sway bar disconnects, adjustable front track bar, and steering system! Rusty's offers the best prices in the industry without sacrificing quality or workmanship. Rusty's in-house manufacturing allows a level of quality control that is unmatched anywhere else, so trust only Rusty's products for your project!

• Front 3.5" Coil Springs
• Rear 3.5" Coil Springs
• HD Rear Track Bar Bracket
• Front Sway Bar Drop Kit
• Front Hydro Performance Shocks
• Rear Hydro Performance Shocks

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