WARN 9.0Rc


  • Brand: WARN
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Part Number: 71550

The WARN 71550 9.0RC is a lightweight winch specifically designed for extreme articulation, and competitive rock climbing. At just 54LBS, this winch will save you weight, and it is compact enough to provide maximum power delivery in a low-profile package. 

This winch features a 4.8HP series wound motor that delivers 9,000LBS of pulling capacity with fast line speeds under load. This is achieved through WARN's next generation control pack that also delivers long duty cycles. 50 feet of synthetic rope is provided with a rugged 360-degree swivel hook and thimble. Additional features include ballistic nylon sliding sleeve that provides extra rope protection against wear and tear. This winch will come with a glass red powder-coated finish to add protection against the elements.

The WARN 9.0RC Rock Crawling Winch comes as a kit with synthetic rope, fairlead, remote, as well as misc hardware to make for a ready installation. 

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