Rusty's Complete Fender Package - '97-'06 TJ / LJ Wrangler


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RA-MF22K

PLEASE NOTE: This product is shown painted but will be shipped in a raw metal finish.

Fits '97-'06 TJ and LJ Wrangler.

The Rusty’s Jeep Fenders and Flares were designed and built years after other companies released their designs. Many were rushed to be built and designed by people overseas, that had no idea of what a true Jeep owner wanted. We wanted to design and build fenders from suggestions that our customers had asked for in our 40 plus years of experience in the off road industry. Jeep owners wanted strength, more tire clearance, affordability, quality, good looks, function and also celebrated the heritage of Jeep. The fenders and flares still need to look like they were designed for a Jeep, not some “space crawler” or “Mad Max” vehicle. Rusty’s Jeep Fenders and Flares are just what our customers wanted. As for the heritage, we wanted a certain look that mimicked the style from the Willys Jeeps. We feel that we put a little “flat fender style” in our fenders. As for the fit and function of the pieces, they are simple to install. In our design, we wanted a set of fenders and flares that would bolt on to provide more wheel clearance without having to cut away from the hood area to create that clearance. On the rears, you have the option to cut out for maximum wheel clearance but still retain the bolt on installation. Simply remove parts and then bolt on for the front fenders. All the hardware is included with the parts. Even when using with Rusty’s Inner Fenders, there are no additional modifications needed. If equipped with an aftermarket air filter or a dual battery kit, some minor modifications may have to be made. Our fenders designed a spot for all the factory equipment from the stock fenders so there is no part unaccounted for. The appearance of the fenders and flares is top notch. CNC formed and cut then welded by true craftsmen. Because we believe so strongly in our “Made in USA” policy, we are able to keep pricing down by manufacturing in large quantities. This allows us to offer a quality part that looks good and performs flawlessly without having to resort to outsourcing from overseas. You know by purchasing the Rusty’s Fenders and Flares, you are getting a quality manufactured part that is affordable. The strength comes from many hours spent at the computer designing and then on the trail to make them some of the strongest Available. Made using 3/16” and 1/8” steel specially formed to enhance the strength of the parts. We feel we made a fender that looks great, is strong, mounts up properly but yet is still affordable.
The fender package comes complete with the Front Fenders, Front Inner Fenders and the Rear Flares. The front fenders are constructed of 3/16 steel that is laser cut and CNC formed, the front inner fenders are constructed of 1/8 steel that is laser cut and CNC formed and have a new built in battery box. The rear flares are 1/8th backing with the flares made of 3/16 steel they too are laser cut and CNC formed. They come complete with stainless steel hardware. The inner fenders are designed for everything factory to fit right back in place, even including the factory air box but will work with after market air filter systems.


  • Constructed of 1/8 & 3/16 laser-cut steel
  • CNC press brake formed
  • Inner fender liner had built in battery box
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Made in the USA

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