Rusty's XJ Cherokee 6.5" Spring Pack Kit With 4.5" Rear Leaf Springs And 1.5" Extended Shackles


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Part Number: RK-605SPS-XJ-RX1-FIX-UB2

Rusty's 6.5 inch suspension kit consists of everything you need to run a 33 inch tire both on road and off road. You could even add a set of Rusty's cut out flares and run 35 inch tires! Rusty's has put together a package using soft spring rates and shocks valved specifically for this application that will give you superior on-road handling as well as world-class off-road capabilities.

Rusty's kit includes our 180 lb front coil springs for excellent ride characteristics and sure-footed manners on the trail. The kit also comes standard with Rusty's beefy fixed upper and lower control arms to correct caster and allow proper front-to-rear axle alignment in addition to substantial strength improvements compared the the stamped factory arms. Proper axle-to-body alignment is maintained with Rusty's HD track bar along with a new frame mount and the Rusty's-exclusive frame brace, which strengthens and ties everything together. A 3 inch drop pitman is used to maintain proper steering geometry with the lift and to eliminate any tie-rod end binding when flexing the suspension off-road. The Rusty's Kevlar stainless steel brake lines (also included) offer better brake performance and give the extra length needed for the increased suspension travel. Rusty's Front Sway Bar Disconnects are also included for maximum flex off road, and they can be re-mounted in just seconds for proper on-road handling.

In the rear, lift is achieved with our 6 leaf spring pack complete with OEM style rubber bushings, grade 8 U-bolts, and steel rear spring degree shims. A complete set of front and rear Rusty's Hydro shocks give the Cherokee the excellent ride quality you demand as well as having the length needed to keep the tires on the ground on the trail.

Several optional upgrades are available to make the most out of this lift system. Adjustable upper and lower control arms are available that allow you to fine-tune caster and wheelbase adjustments. These arms are also available with Rusty's forged Flex End Joints, which unlocks additional suspension flex by eliminating any binding as the suspension moves through its travel cycle. Rusty also offers upgraded shocks for those that like to go fast in the dirt!

• Front 6.5" coil springs
• Rear 4.5" leaf springs with 1.5" Extended Shackles
• Front hydro performance shocks
• Rear hydro performance shocks
• Fixed Front Lower Control Arms
• Fixed Front Upper Control Arms
• 3" drop pitman arm
• HD track bar
• Rusty's Frame Brace
• Rusty's Front Sway Bar Disconnects
• Front & rear stainless steel braided brake lines
• Grade 8 U-Bolts
• Steel 6 degree shims


NOTE: When lifting the XJ Cherokee 6 inches or more, Rusty's highly recommends the use of a Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit to prevent driveline vibrations. This is available for only the NP231 and NP242 transfer cases. We also offer a Combo Kit that includes a quality CV driveshaft built by Tom Woods Driveline.

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