Rusty's YJ Wrangler 6.5" Spring Over Axle Kit


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RK-650SOA-YJ-RX1

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Rusty’s 6.5" SOA kit completely transforms the off-road performance of the YJ Wrangler. In stock form, the springs on a YJ are mounted under the axles. This system converts the suspension to a Spring-Over-Axle configuration, which provides lift and allows the use of a flatter spring pack for a better ride and additional flex.

The system starts with all of the parts needed to relocate the springs from the stock location under the axle to on top of the axle. The system also includes Rusty's SOA springs, which have been specially engineered for SOA applications. By using a reverse eye design the spring has a more natural arch, which provides a better ride and longer life. Axle wrap is minimized with a careful choice of leaf thickness and spring rate, yet the spring pack still allows great articulation. Rusty's leaf springs are built with tapered leafs and anti-friction pads to reduce inter-leaf friction and provide a smooth, linear rate as the spring compresses. We also use bolt-style retaining clips that further reduce friction and maximize suspension travel. The individual leafs are shot-peened to reduce spring stress as well as improve memory (reduce sagging), and each spring is load-tested to ensure they meet Rusty's stringent specifications. We also use only the best polyurethane bushings available. Rest assured, we've put over 30 years of experience and computer-aided modeling to produce the best SOA springs on the market!

This kit will net 6.5" to 7" of lift depending on the weight of the Jeep and other accessories. This kit comes with extended anti-wrap weld-on spring perches, new polyurethane bushings for the springs and frame end of the shackles, front and rear stainless steel brake lines, drop pitman arm, front and rear U- bolts, and Rusty's Hydro shocks. Optional upgrades include Rusty's RX800 monotube shocks and two different performance steering stabilizers.

Kit Includes:

  • Front and Rear Anti-Wrap Spring Perches
  • Front and Rear SOA Leaf Springs
  • Complete Polyurethane Spring and Shackle Bushings
  • Front and Rear Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Drop Pitman Arm
  • Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Front and Rear Grade 8 U-bolts


Note: This kit does require welding and needs to be done by a certified welder or fabricator.

Note: Rusty recommends installing a Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit and CV Driveshaft Combo Kit to prevent driveline vibrations with this suspension system. This kit provides additional driveshaft length along with provisions to run a CV (Constant Velocity) joint at the transfer case. 

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