Rusty's ZJ Grand Cherokee Long Travel Upgrade


  • Brand: Rusty's Off Road Products
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  • Part Number: RK-LT10-ZJ-EARLY

Rusty's Long Arm Upgrade kit is designed for individuals who already have the amount of lift they need and simply want to upgrade their control arms to a long-arm set, which substantially increases wheel travel and suspension flex. NO WELDING is required or recommended! This kit works with most reputable lift kit brands.

The Rusty's Off Road ZJ long travel suspension kit is based off of the highly successful XJ long-travel suspension kit. This kit is going to be tough to beat! It takes you places other vehicles can't go; over logs, big boulders or over just about anything else on the trail. We have applied race technology and over 4 years of research and development to deliver a suspension system with enough articulation to keep your rig firmly planted even over the most radical terrain.

The system starts with new radius-style front control arms that are completely adjustable, both the long lower arm as well as the upper link. Rusty's Forged Flex ends are used at the frame, while Clevite factory rubber control arm bushings are used at the axle. This arrangement ensures great flex while eliminating any noises or vibrations that might be transmitted to the unibody. The arms are constructed of 2" diameter D.O.M. tubing, so go ahead and bash them against rocks and ledges because they can take the abuse and keep right on going!

The new front control arms bolt to a new 3/16" thick steel, laser cut crossmember that is surrounded by Rusty's frame reinforcement brackets. The 3/16" thick laser cut reinforcement brackets are located both on the outside and the inside of the unibody and basically sandwich it, tying the unibody and the new crossmember together as one solid unit. This design distributes the extreme loads from the suspension over a much larger area of the unibody and assures many years of extreme four-wheeling without any structural damage to the unibody. The crossmember's design does not reduce ground clearance.

The rear control arms are built with large 2 inch diameter D.O.M. and include the Rusty's Forged Flex Joints at the frame end and factory rubber control arm bushings at the axle end, just like the front arms. The Rusty's rear mounting hanger is constructed of 3/16" & 1/4" thick steel that has been laser-cut and CNC formed. Like the crossmember assembly, these rear mounting hangers were designed to distribute the load across a greater section of the unibody, ensuring years of trouble-free use. An adjustable rear track bar keeps the rear axle properly centered under the vehicle.

This kit will easily clear 33x12.50 tires.

Please verify the crossmember mounting configuration before ordering. The '93-'95 models should have a two-bolt crossmember and the '96-'98 models should have a four-bolt crossmember, but we have found some inconsistencies regarding when the change happened.


  • Front Adjustable Radius-Style Long Arm Assembly
  • Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arms
  • Rear Adjustable Lower Control Arms
  • Transfer Case Crossmember with Long-Arm Bracketry
  • Frame Reinforcement Plates
  • Rear Mounting Brackets
  • All Necessary Hardware

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